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Aeration & Dethatching

St. Clair, Marysville & Port Huron Area Aeration & Dethatching

Aeration/dethatching helps your lawn breathe so it can grow healthier!

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Michigan yard being aerated.

Lawn aeration and dethatching services.

Controlling aeration and dethatching are two of the most overlooked- yet important- aspects of lawn care. The primary purpose of these services is to allow your lawn to breathe and better absorb nutrients, resulting in a thicker, greener and healthier lawn. Okay, but what exactly are these two techniques, and why should you care?

Why remove thatch from your lawn?

Thatch is the layer of debris, roots, and dead grass that collects over time between the soil and the blades of grass. Left on its own, it thickens into a mat, absorbing moisture that promotes diseases and pests. This also prevents moisture from getting to where it’s needed most—the roots. Dethatching uses a specialized rake or machine, designed to slice the turf vertically and then rake it up. Removing thatch reinvigorates grass, and enables moisture to once again reach the roots.

Because dethatching is needed infrequently, most homeowners do not own the specialized tools. LawnMen has the tools to dethatch and knowledge to determine if dethatching is needed.

What is aeration and how does it help?

Aeration is a means of punching holes into the lawn to enable nutrients, water, and oxygen to access the soil. Soil becomes naturally compacted over time, although heavy rains, foot traffic or parking will expedite compaction. Aeration loosens compacted soil, and incidentally helps dethatch in the process. For cool-season grasses in Michigan, fall is the best time for aeration. For warm-season grasses, spring is optimal.

For a small lawn, a hand tool can be used. This punctures and then pulls out a 2-inch cylinder of soil. For a larger lawn, a gas-powered aerator performs the job much faster. Following plug removal, the lawn receives a layer of organic matter, which leaches into the holes and improves the soil.

If you are uncertain whether dethatching or aeration could benefit your lawn, contact LawnMen! Our trained professionals can determine the best timing and approach to reinvigorate the health of your lawn in St. Clair, Marysville, Port Huron or any other area within St. Clair County, Michigan!


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