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Mulch & Rock Ground Coverings

St. Clair, Marysville & Port Huron Area Mulch & Rock Services

New mulch and rock installation for your landscape beds and planters.

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Rock and Mulch Ground Coverings

Rejuvenate your landscaping with new mulch or rock ground coverings!

Thought about sprucing up your landscaping? Adding mulch or rock ground coverings to your landscaping beds brings beauty to your yard, but has many other benefits as well. Adding mulch or rock places a protective barrier around your plant and over your soil. There are several advantages of installing mulch or rock ground covering, such as:

  • Weed Control – Using mulch can help to smother weeds out and limit the amount of sunlight the weeds receive.
  • Conserves Moisture – Rock or mulch cover the soil, limiting water evaporation and help retain moisture during dry hot weather. This will help cut down on watering your landscaping.
  • Prevents Soil Erosion – Ground coverings like rock and mulch will help keep your soil from washing away during rain or normal watering.
  • Soil Nutrients – When using an organic material such as red mulch or bark mulch it can slowly decompose releasing nutrients into the soil.
  • Beauty – Last but not least rock and mulch ground coverings add the finishing touch to your landscaping beds, beautifying your home.

Types of mulch used in St. Clair County, MI.

The most popular mulch choice for residential landscaping in our area is colored hardwoods. This type of mulch comes in several colors, including: red, brown, black and gold. Any of these are great choices and will make your landscaping standout. LawnMen also offers natural mulches such as cedar bark, hardwood chips, pine bark, play ground mulch and pine straw. These mulches are typically less expensive than hardwood colored mulches and offer many of the same great benefits, but do tend to break down faster.

Types of rock ground coverings we often install.

There are many options for landscaping rock to choose from, all of which LawnMen professionals can place. The color, texture, size and material all vary. We will help you choose the right rock ground covering that will suit your landscaping design, desired purpose and aesthetic. Several choices that are available for your landscaping project are:

  • River Rock
  • Crushed Stone
  • Pea Stone
  • Ranch Stone
  • Walnut Nuggets
  • Spanish Tile
  • Barkstone
  • White Marble
  • Superior Cobbles

Our professionals will work with you to determine the landscaping rock or mulch that best fits your needs. We always take into consideration the budget, the overall landscape design and most importantly, what the homeowner wants. If you're located anywhere in St. Clair County, MI and are ready to have new mulch or rock ground coverings installed in your landscaping, give us a call at (810) 969-3053 or complete our online quote form!


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