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Sod installation being performed for a homeowner in St. Clair, Michigan.

St. Clair, Marysville & Port Huron Sod Installation Services

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Whether you have a lawn that needs to be established or one that needs significant work, laying sod can make a huge impact on the overall appearance of your home.

At LawnMen, we offer premium sod services including preparation, installation, and maintenance of your sod. Take advantage of these services today if your home is in the areas of St. Clair, Marysville, or Port Huron.

Why Choose Sod

Before and after photo series of a sod installation project performed by LawnMen for a homeowner in St. Clair, Michigan.

The two options for establishing a new lawn are sod or seeding. There are pros and cons to both methods, however, homeowners typically choose sod because it

  • Establishes quickly
  • Gives you an instantaneous lawn
  • Limits weed growth
  • Provides immediate erosion control

If your current lawn is dead or has significant weed growth in over 40% of the yard, it may be time to invest in sod! Seeding is beneficial towards helping a lawn along that has minimal damage. If your lawn has reached an advanced stage of being stressed or overgrown, starting fresh may be just the thing for your grass!

Preparation is the Key to Success

If you are going to invest in having sod installed, it would be best to prepare for it in a proper fashion. Although sod may seem like a front-heavy investment, it can prosper for years to come, leaving your lawn with minimal maintenance issues.

We start by removing any grass on your property with a sod cutter (or chemically) until it is gone. We rake the soil to a level 3-5" below sidewalks and other adjacent surfaces. This keeps the ground even and loose, so that the sod can take root easily.

Our professionals make sure to slope the soil away from the foundation during preparation, to eliminate drainage issues in the future.

Installing Your New Lawn

In Michigan, the best time of year to install sod is during the cool weather in spring or fall. Avoiding high-heat times when installing sod is best, as the heat could kill the grass before it gets a chance to root into the soil. Our professionals make sure any sod placed on your property is properly installed within 24 hours to guarantee the best results. We lay your sod, starting along a straight line such as the driveway or patio, in a brick-like pattern. This helps to avoid long seams, overlapping, and gaps.

Types of Sod Available

The best types of sod for St. Clair, Michigan, and the surrounding areas are Kentucky Bluegrass and Fine Fescue.

Kentucky Bluegrass is one of the most widely used grasses in Michigan, because it is long lasting, grows fast, and thrives in cooler temperatures. This turfgrass needs a lot of water to maintain its healthy, green color.

Fine Fescue will maintain its healthiest look during spring and fall. Proper irrigation procedures are important to follow, as this turfgrass can get over-watered. However, this type of sod is an equally popular choice for homeowners in Michigan.

Proper Sod Care

Marysville, Michigan home with sod installation by LawnMen shown from start to finish.

Give your sod the recommended amount of water, once it has been introduced to your property's soil. New sod generally requires water twice a day during the rooting process, along with minimal foot traffic. Take into account the weather during any watering times, especially with your Fine Fescue lawns! Your sod should be fully rooted in 10-14 days and ready for foot traffic and mowing.

Mowing Maintenance

We make certain not to cut your lawn before the sod has had a chance to be firmly rooted. We give your lawn a solid two weeks to ensure your grass is well established, prior to mowing. Additionally, we keep the blades sharp and are careful to make sure that your lawn stays intact.

We follow the one-third rule and keep Kentucky Bluegrass to about 2-2½" and Fine Fescue around 2".


Use caution when watering a new lawn. Over-watering and under-watering can easily happen and cause your lawn to deteriorate. Weed growth could become an issue as well. About 1-1½" of water a week is all your new turfgrass needs. Be observant of the weather and how much rain your property gets, before irrigating during the week!

Fertilization Schedule

Once your lawn is fully rooted, it is important to continue a healthy fertilization schedule to keep it growing strong. After six weeks have passed, fertilizer can be applied to the lawn. Call us at (810) 969-3053 to talk about the best fertilization method for your Kentucky Bluegrass or Fine Fescue grass.

Never fertilize during the high-heat of summer! This can be detrimental to your lawn.


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